Vicki Rummler


Steeped in nuance and flawless technique, Victoria Rummler’s music brings a smooth, joyful spontaneity to the vocal scene.
Born near Detroit, Vicki has studied piano, clarinet, guitar, dance, theater, composition, and production, including a BA in Music from Williams College. Since moving to Europe twenty-odd years ago, she has performed with a cabaret group in Munich, honed her vocal craft in the legendary jazz clubs of the City of Light, and worked with singers and composers of all stripes. In 2004 she joined the cutting-edge electro a cappella group “Les Grandes Gueules,” with whom she recorded two albums for SONY-BMG, “Vocal Extreme” (2006) and “Poéziques” (2012), and continues to tour extensively.
Vicki’s solo work perfectly balances her love of vocal harmony. Her first album of original tunes and standards, “Twinkle” (Pitch Puppy Productions), was released in 2004 to rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Her sophomore album, “am I am” (Juste Une Trace/Socadisc, 2011), is a jazz-pop collection that reflects her eclectic musical influences. “Take Two” (Blue Moon Inner Jazz/Socadisc, 2017) is a series of duets with the finest guitarists on the current scene, paying homage to the silver screen.
The live performances of this jazz singer-songwriter in Paris are ebullient and virtuosic, and her rapport with the audience is playful yet genuine. Victoria Rummler’s master classes, creative singing workshops and personalized lyrics for fellow artists are also highly in demand.