Susan Demeter St. Clair

Writer, Painter

I am a Canadian born writer, storyteller, painter, and costumed historical interpreter.  The inspiration for my writing, and art are drawn from and incorporate my lifelong interests in exceptional human experiences, nature, supernatural mysteries, and cosmic magic.
I have co-collaborated with renowned Spanish artist Dora Garcia on a major contemporary art exhibition on the theme of exceptional human experience, anomalies, and marginalization, at the Harbourfront Centre, in Toronto Canada.

While living in Canada I volunteered my time and artistic skills to several projects that support animal rights and the preservation of aboriginal heritage and culture through truth and reconciliation.  It is my desire to continue these pursuits in my adopted home, Italy, and I am greatly honoured to be a member of Artists United For Animals.

I am a Pagan of Celtic origin and I feel a profound sense of love and responsibility towards all living beings.

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