The Manifesto

Ecospirituality in the relationship with other species


1 – The principle of ecospirituality leads to the assignment of equality and dignity to all life forms generated by Mother Earth during her journey through space.
Therefore, all the children of Mother Earth must be acknowledged the right to life, the joy of living, freedom and spirituality.

2 – We see how the human species is considered privileged and at the center of the whole universe, and how non-human species are abandoned to the total mercy of the entertainment, sacrificial and nutritional interests of humans.

3 – We believe that animals are sentient beings, capable of experiencing joy and pain, just like human beings, and capable of developing self-awareness and their own specific cultures.

4 – We want justice and equality for our animal brothers and sisters. We will not let sentient beings who can feel pleasure and pain, just like us, who are aware and therefore have their own spirituality, be exterminated. We will not let the massacre of our brothers and sisters continue while the world looks on in general indifference.

5 – Today we can see how humanity is culturally divided between majority society and natural society. The latter is made up of those minority cultures that have maintained a relationship with Mother Earth and that live an experience that we define as ecospirituality, respecting the individual, Nature and all living beings.
The majority society is based instead on anthropocentrism and expresses itself with pyramidal social structures in which there is no respect for the personal needs of the individual, nor for Nature and even less for its non-human inhabitants.

6 – However, we believe that artists are individuals with a sensitivity linked to Nature and that they represent a sort of antibody within the majority society that rebels against the status quo and the logic based on unbridled productivity.

7 – We believe that artists have a huge responsibility because they have the opportunity to spread messages to a big audience. And we intend to make sure that this opportunity is used as an act of justice, a contribution to a raising of awareness of the problems faced by other species, which are abused and used by mankind in every way possible.

8 – We want to dedicate our arts to our non-human brothers and sisters. We intend to appeal to all artists who are sensitive to the problem of animals, exploited in the most appalling ways by society in general because they are considered "objects" and therefore unworthy of respect and dignity, using our arts as a peaceful way of fighting, to spread a message of animal freedom.

9 – We intend to create a movement of artists who can contribute with their individual arts to disseminating thought which avoids the prioritization of one species over another and give life to a cultural revolution that highlights how the majoritarian society conditions the freedom of all, both human and animal.

10 – The problem of the exploitation of animals is an emblematic element that reveals the true face of majoritarian society beyond the clichés with which it is proposed and accepted. A society that imposes the consumption of animal products and animal experimentation, upholding opportunism and ignorance for the enrichment of the few.

11 – This reckless action also causes damage to the human species. An example is the impoverishment of water resources at the service of large-scale animal farms, which leads to the generation of recurrent viral diseases that kill thousands of people every year.

12 – It is not just pity and a thirst for justice that must lead us to improve the fate of sentient creatures, the children of our own Mother Earth. Improving the conditions of animals means laying down the values of a future society which is fairer and more harmonious, where there is no species-based discrimination and where everyone can enjoy values based on brotherhood, individual freedom and the enjoyment of a happy quality of life in harmony with Nature.

13 – Humanity has seen great battles of civilization, such as gender equality and the abolition of slavery. Goals that seemed unattainable until not so long ago. Today we are faced with the greatest holocaust in history: slavery and the daily extermination of billions of sentient beings. History will have to reckon with this abomination and it will be humanity’s next big battle in order to achieve dignity also for the human race.

14 – Let’s join forces and give animals justice! For the sake of pity and to help creatures that are blessed with sensitivity but considered the pariahs of the Earth. And above all, to make the world a better place. Because we CAN change the world.